Homebrew rules

Rule I – Don’t Piss Off The GM!
– GM means more than just “Game Master”. It’s secret meaning is “God Man.” I am the host, mastermind and mediator of this game. I not only tell the story you are about to embark on, but I am your patron and director. I am first, and foremost, your friend. There is an inner party joke that my aim is to kill the party, but it is the reality that I am here to create a rewarding, fun and challenging experience. Though no matter what, my word is the final word and when you’re GM, yours will be to!

Rule 2 – Don’t Give the GM ideas!
– Remember that joke? That my goal is to kill you? The reason that is because I have absolutely no qualms with character death. I just have you study up and make a new one. Don’t make it easier to do so.
*Disclaimer: You Will Break This Rule! We are a creative bunch, so I try to be as gentle as possible with this one, but do try your best, and keep it in mind for future GMs.

Rule 3 – Don’t give the Players ideas!
– Yeah, once again, we are a creative bunch. We also have no qualms with embarrassing scenes and attempting to make each other blush. Don’t be afraid of asking me for stories, oh I do love stories.
*Disclaimer: Yeah, you’ll definitely break this one.

Rule 4 – Don’t metagame, powergame, or otherwise try to cheese your way through the system.
– Ok, yeah, we all love to feel powerful, that’s just how it is. That’s partially why many of us are here. While it’s ok to have a super powerful character, or one that makes use of… interesting loopholes… Let’s try not to actively break the system. Stick with player information and we should be good.

Rule 5 – The books are guidelines
– I cannot stress this enough. While wise to follow as closely as possible, there aren’t always rules for certain actions (Or in the case of Shadowrun, we can’t find it), or some rules don’t fit for certain scenes or even entire campaigns. So follow them to the best of your ability, but if the GM makes a ruling against the rule, please, for the love of God, do not tell the GM that he is wrong. That’s an easy way to break rule 1. Simply say that there is a rule for the action being committed and reference it. I’ll make sure to brush up on it and use it in the correct manner in the future, or add a section in the homebrew rules that notes the difference in action I am taking and why. Any differences I use, you are free to use as well.

Rule 6 – Have Fun!
– What good is a game if you can’t enjoy yourself? Make sure you are having fun. I am the GM, so I am responsible for your entertainment as much as the other players are. If you have a problem with a GM ruling, talk to the GM in private after the session. If you have a problem with a player specific action, bring it up with the GM AND Player in private, Don’t bring it to the game or onto the gametable. I don’t want any shadow governments or plots against one another. This has been a problem in past groups I have been in. This is a group that has come together to have fun, and we will not undermine each other with petty drama.

Rule 7 – GM points are awesome, but unfortunately nonredeemable.

Homebrew rules

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