ShadowRun: Live to Rise

The Phoenix Arises

Honestly, it sounded better than "Let's give the party a good reason to get back together after 2 years."

Jason Osborne was a very powerful individual in the UCAS. He worked damn hard to get there, too, and not everyone had the president’s ear. It was his job to give advice to the president, to essentially run his cabinet, and make sure that those idiots in congress listened. It’s not often people have the audacity to argue with him, but this was one of those times.

“Now you listen to me, Senator Jurgiliwitz, this bill is going to pass, and you’re going to make sure it does pass. I don’t care what you have to do to get it done, and I don’t care about anyone who makes a fuss over one tiny clause that allows us to monitor a citizen’s SIN more closely, you’ll do it, and if you don’t, you can bet that the president will back another candidate for the party whip, understand?”

He was just about to get an answer to his question when his pager went off. Odd, he was in the office… When he reached for his normal pager… it was fine. This wasn’t for the white house, this was for business. Osborne sighed. “Well, Mr. Jurgiliwitz, I have to take this, I will give you three days to comply. Have a good day.” he hung up and looked at the pager. It was a group of mercenaries he had recently hired for a job. This was either good news or bad news.

He grabbed his keys and knelt to the floor under his desk, opened his floor safe and pulled out a single, clearly outdated piece of technology. He pressed a few buttons on it and sat in his chair, leaned back, and placed the plastic apparatus to his ear. There eventually was a click, in which he knew someone answered his call. “So, how did the operation go?”

“The mission was a success, though the asset turned rogue.”

A curt reply, but a satisfactory one. You can’t always expect much from mercenaries, but there must be more. “Well then,” Osborne said “If that is the case, why are you calling me during one of my busiest times of day? Surely payment is in order through our mutual contact.”

“One of our operatives was captured.”

Osborne frowned. This wasn’t good, if the operative knew it was the UCAS that hired the mercenaries, there could be some serious tension between them and the Mexican government. “Do they know much about the details of the mission?”

“No, but I thought you would like to know that it was someone of special importance to you.”

Osborne’s frown immediately turned into an outright scowl. How this man always seemed to know everything… “Todd.” A pause with no answer gave him all the information that was needed. “And they would be ready for you to extract her, wouldn’t they?”

“Yes. And it’s likely they know our capabilities.”

Osborne did not like snags in carefully laid plans. “I’ll have our mutual contact get a strike force ready.” and he hung up. he sighed, then dialed another number…



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