ShadowRun: Live to Rise

The Moment I Wondered If I Was In A Soap Opera...

...Because My Father Might Be The Villain

One Year Ago


After you wrote me expressing your concern for me, I wanted you to know that I’m doing fairly good here in Kansas City, and that I’m quite happy. I’m currently working as a secretary for a small private dentist while I determine a course of action for my future. Finding something new after spending so much of my life in school has been difficult. Still, life treats me well. I’ve fallen madly in love with a man by the name of Sean Mire. He and I met eight months ago, and I think I want to marry him. You’re not a Grandpa yet, but I’m sure that time is coming!

Don’t worry, my new man has steady work and makes plenty of money to fuel a new family. Sean has also been very supportive of me through difficult times, helping me both with working through my claustrophobia and keeping me clean when I’m feeling depressed. I can say that I am truly happy here and eagerly await the future. I hope things are going well in Seattle for you. Perhaps some day I’ll be less of a disappointment and find success in EVO over there with you.

May you sleep peacefully knowing your daughter is safe,

Samantha Todd

Present Time

“Welcome home, Sam,” my father said. I almost felt my heart stop when I saw his face. My mind raced to the letter I’d written him just over a year ago. Many parts of it had been a lie, namely the fact that I had a steady, legal, job. If he hadn’t figured things out before, he certainly knew now. Though, “welcome home” implied my presence had been anticipated. Had my father been watching me? For how long? I had a lot of questions, but so few answers. I had a funny feeling in my stomach that I was going to get was more questions.



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