ShadowRun: Live to Rise

Esmeralda 2 year time lapse

Having completed her first Shadowrun, Esmeralda found herself feeling hopeful for the first time in many years. She completed something for herself and made the veil appear and finally realize that it was time to remove it. After the group disbanded, she continued to move towards her freedom; moving from one location to the next for the next year. She took one job after another outside of mafia work. Even with her accomplishment of completing her fist Shadowrun the mafia continued to chase after Esmeralda claiming that she still had a debt for their generosity of raising her and giving her her “education”.
“All I am is a killer, bathed in the blood of innocence, but killing those who are deserving… maybe I can make amends” Esmeralda thought as she stood over the body of a body. This body belonged to a member of the mafia, one of the killers they keep on the pay roll. “I can’t continue this game of cat and mouse, I need to end this”. Esmeralda began her plans to take the fight straight to the mafia boss and end this. Over the course of the next 6 months Esmeralda made her plans and making sure she was a ghost to the family. Esmeralda continued to train honing her abilities with masters, developing her hands into more lethal weapons. Through all her training she followed the warriors way.
The time finally came for Esmeralda to close the door to her old life and move forward it was time to make her move on the family itself. In the dead of night with only the moon to illuminate her movements, She made her way into the mansion of the family, skulking in the shadows. She found a window that was unlocked on the second floor and made her way into the dimly lite room. The home was strangely deserted and Esmeralda was getting a very bad feeling. As she moved down the hall she saw that the bosses office door was cracked, just enough that someone could peer through. Her curiosity got the best of her, as she peered through the crack she the families three best killers laying in wait. Somehow they knew she was coming and the boss sat in the center. Esmeralda kicked open the door, not single member of the room moved. They only sat in their chairs with smile that only a serpent could make, a sickly smile that made the malice palpable.
“You know why I’m here, I no longer am willing to be part of this horrible world. Consider this my notice and stay away from me” she said. With his hands steepled in front of his face the boss said “My dear, you can not simply leave we invested to much time and you have to much talent in killing for us. No one will simply leave our family”. At that the three killers in the room stood at the ready. Esmeralda knew that she would have to make them understand. “At least the next three people I have to kill have earned death” she thought to herself and made solace that she may never be able to stop killing. She ran towards the boss as all three killers drew their weapons. One had a Bowie drawn; the second a katana, and the third drew his pistol. Esmeralda went for the one with the pistol first, she landed 3 quick jabs to his solar plexus and finished with an upper cut to his jaw. He landed right back into his chair. “Those who rely on guns usually have no stamina for a real fight,” she thought.
The last two posed more of a problem, the one with the bowie was larger and much more muscular, his entire body screamed military and was closing the gape between them quickly. As he began to over shadow her she jumped up, but not quick enough. The Bowie wielder grabbed her by the ankle and threw to the wall behind him hard. As she landed on the floor she quickly got to her feet. As the large man began to close in she positioned herself to sweep his leg, she made her move and he came down hard. Once he hit the ground Esmeralda leapt on top of him and used penetrating strike to as she landed 3 blows to his head, his head cracked like an egg on the floor. She stood glaring at the Family boss, who began tremble. She began to move towards him and with only a second to react the katana user almost took her head off.
She could tell this warrior was much more than he appeared to be. He was able to move with almost no sound being made. Esmeralda watch close as he began to strike, Esmeralda doge his next strike by only a few hairs as the katana sweeped past her head. She landed her next blow with all the strength she could muster and upper-cut him in the abdomen and the samurai sailed into the ceiling. As he fell to the floor, Esmeralda positioned the katana directly beneath him. “He died on his sword, like a true warrior” she said turning to the boss with blood trailing down her face.
She moved to ward the boss and said ”I am done with this life, come after me again and I will take your life. A life for a life, do we understand?” “It seems you are dead set on leaving, but know this you will not be able to run from your past forever and one day it will catch up to you and on that day I will pay quite a lot of money for your head”. “ On that day” she slammed he fist on the desk cracking the solid wood desk “will be a very bad idea”. With that Esmeralda walked out the office, feeling the weight finally lifted.
Over the next six months she continued to try and live her life and finally not feel as if someone was following her. She helped many of the people that came to see her and got a name among those of the street as the “killing saint”.



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